We are based out of Chicago, IL, and perform nationally and internationally for weddings, festivals, corporate events, universities, private parties, and live music venues. Providing a variety of appropriate music at concert quality is our specialty. Whether we are keeping dance floors filled, adding the right amount of ambiance to a laid back atmosphere, or performing a concert for discerning listeners, we add the elements of style, versatility, and fun! We feature grammy award winning talent and the finest musicians in the world.

We offer soloists, a duo, a trio, 4 piece, 5 piece, 6 piece, 7 piece, 8 piece, 9 piece, 10 piece group, 11 piece, and 12 piece groups.

Matt Stedman and Kenny Smith primarly function as management, talent agents, and event planners for Matt Stedman Band & Ring of Music. Secondarily, they may function as band leaders, emcees, and performers.

What is the difference between Matt Stedman Band & Ring of Music?  Matt Stedman acts as an emcee, band leader, and performer in the Matt Stedman Band. Ring of Music includes the same members with the probable exception of Matt Stedman.

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